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MGS Series

Tension hydraulic cranes


Our wheeled mobile crane is designed to lift and move heavy loads with ease and speed, providing a versatile solution for a wide range of industrial sectors. Its solid and sturdy structure, made of high-quality materials, ensures stability in all working positions.

Equipped with four wheels, including two swivel and two directional, this crane ensures optimal maneuverability on any surface. The steel frame consists of detachable combined elements, simplifying transportation and facilitating use in various work environments. The outreach arm is adjustable in four positions, offering flexibility during lifting operations.

Each model is equipped with a hydraulic system with double-acting control, with a special treated and chromed steel piston to ensure resistance and durability over time. The descent of the arm is controlled through a "man present" valve, ensuring safe and controlled use of the crane in every operational situation.

In summary, our wheeled mobile crane offers a combination of solidity, versatility, and safety, making it ideal for lifting and moving heavy loads efficiently and reliably, regardless of the specific needs of the industrial sector in which it is employed.

Available Models

• MGS-5
• MGS-5D
• MGS-10
• MGS-10D
• MGS-15D
• MGS-20D
• MGS-30D

Technical Specifications

Portata [ton]
Peso [kg]
A [mm]
B [mm]
C [mm]
D [mm]
E [mm]
F [mm]
G [mm]
A1 [mm]
E min [mm]
E max [mm]
H [mm]
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Rockin’ Rocky Road Ice Cream
Tom’s Heavenly Apple Strudel
Joe’s Divine Butter Tarts

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