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Serie MBP

Air-haydraulic bottle jack


Our new series of pneumatic-hydraulic bottle jacks has been specifically designed to reduce psychophysical fatigue among operators during truck lifting operations in breakdown situations or during inspection phases. These jacks are compact and mounted on a wheeled base, facilitating their positioning and use.

The main features of these jacks include:

A) Safety valve against accidental descents due to lack of compressed air supply from the network or tank. This ensures an additional level of safety during jack operation.

B) Overload safety valve, with an operating pressure ranging from 7 to 10 bar. This valve protects the jacks from damage caused by excessive loads, ensuring greater durability and safety during lifting operations.

C) Manual pump for emergency interventions. This function allows operators to use the jacks even in situations where compressed air supply is not available or compromised.

D) Remote control slide valve. This feature allows operators to control the jacks from a remote position, improving efficiency and convenience during lifting operations.

Thanks to these advanced safety and functionality features, our pneumatic-hydraulic bottle jacks are ideal for a wide range of truck and heavy vehicle lifting applications.

Serie disponibili

• MBP-200
• MBP-300

Technical Specifications


Portata [ton]
Peso [kg]
A [mm]
B [mm]
C [mm]
D [mm]
E [mm]
F [mm]
G [mm]
A1 [mm]
E min [mm]
E max [mm]
H [mm]
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