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MFM Series

Heavy-Duty hydraulic transmission jack


Our new series of pit and under-bridge lifts have been specifically designed and manufactured for disassembly and assembly work in tight spaces such as pits or under-bridge areas, catering to a wide range of components for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, including gearboxes, differentials, clutch assemblies, suspensions, and engines. All models in the series come with two independent two-speed pumps: one for rapid approach and one for the working phase, ensuring efficient and controlled lifting.

The MFM-50A three-stage model offers a significant advantage as it is extremely low and provides a very extended stem stroke compared to models currently available on the market. Each lifter is supplied with its specific saddle, ensuring high versatility and ease of use.

All lifters feature retractable wheels with a load capacity exceeding 900 kg and a wide base for maximum stability in all working positions. Each lifter is equipped with an automatic load-limiting valve to ensure maximum safety for the user during operation.

All models are built in compliance with the European Directive 2006/42 EC and are hand-assembled with attention to detail to ensure reliable performance and optimal safety.

Available Models


• MFM-50
• MFM-50A
• MFM-150

Technical Specifications


Portata [ton]
Peso [kg]
A [mm]
B [mm]
C [mm]
D [mm]
E [mm]
F [mm]
G [mm]
A1 [mm]
E min [mm]
E max [mm]
H [mm]
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