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MFP Series

Single and double piston transmission jack


Our hydraulic lifters have been specially designed and built for use in pits or under lift bridges, aiming to remove and install engines, gearboxes, and heavy vehicle components with ease and safety. Their solid and robust structure, supported by four swiveling wheels, ensures extreme stability in all working positions and offers excellent convenience during lifting operations. Each model comes with the appropriate support fork, further facilitating the lifting and supporting of vehicle components. With these features, our hydraulic lifters are the ideal choice for automotive professionals who require reliable and safe performance during vehicle maintenance and repair operations.

Available Models


• MFP-3
• MFP-6
• MFP-10
• MFP-15
• MFP-15A

Technical Specifications


Portata [ton]
Peso [kg]
A [mm]
B [mm]
C [mm]
D [mm]
E [mm]
F [mm]
G [mm]
A1 [mm]
E min [mm]
E max [mm]
H [mm]
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